Since its founding in 1989 Group 70 has brought the dream of a large amateur built and operated telescope into the realm of the reachable. By setting a progressive schedule the Large Amateur Telescope Project has successfully obtained significant goals along the way.

But to maintain the dream of operating a 72" telescope takes commitment from those who see astronomy as a science that belongs to all people. The project is operated by volunteers who give their time, talents, and resources in the building of this project, through physically working on parts of the telescope, designing various facets of the project and its instrumentation, soliciting grants and other funding, and planning the future of the observatory, telescope and organization.

You are receiving this letter because you have shared the dream that epitomizes Group 70. You have shown you care about letting the beauty of astronomy be available to everyone. Group 70 is asking now that you renew your membership in this non-profit organization. We invite you to visit our shop, see the work in progress and meet other members who have the same goals. We also invite you to join with us in our quest of accessing the universe and bringing it to the world.

Join Group 70

Your tax deductible dues helps provide funding for construction of the Large Amateur Telescope. We hope you will consider an additional contribution in addition to your regular membership. Please return this form with your check to: Group70. c/o Richard Ozer, 2539 Cordova St,  Oakland, CA 94602



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